World Telescope
2020-12-16 Finding relevant stories during lockdown – the challenges facing 2020s publishers
2020-11-25 Jonny Kaldor, Founder and CEO, Pugpig, on The State of Digital Publishing in 2020 report
2020-11-25 Taboola upgrades Newsroom product to help publishers drive more subscriptions
2020-11-24 Best in the business – the new generation of media talent
2020-11-17 Innovations in print, advertising, events and more: FIPP CEO James Hewes on how Covid-19 is generating new opportunities for media
2020-11-04 [Free Innovation Report chapter] Podcasts: The latest (and perhaps greatest) new revenue and subscriptions tool
2020-11-04 Lessons on podcast content and how to build revenue
2020-10-19 Download the latest Global Digital Subscriptions Snapshot 2020 Q3
2020-10-19 Medium’s Scott Lamb looks at the trends driving digital platforms and media
2020-09-28 Bridging the monetisation gap between ads and subscriptions
2020-09-14 Ebook revenue increased by 25% in July 2020
2020-09-07 Building a media business for the future
2020-09-07 The future of news – navigating out of a crisis
2020-09-02 Publisher Revenue Down 2.3 Percent with Revenue Diversification Alleviating Ad Declines
2020-09-02 ‘It’s worth testing’: GQ is moving from recommending products to selling its own
2020-08-31 Emerging Market Media introduces audio articles
2020-08-24 My Media Life: Nina Zimmermann, Burda Studios Publishing
2020-08-24 [Webinar video] See the Digital Media Subscriptions Master Class 1 on Acquisition
2020-07-08 Content innovation: reconnecting with readers
2020-07-07 A star of the future… on the future: BBC History's Ellie Cawthorne on print and digital – the perfect mix
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