World Telescope
2016-10-19 US Bookstore Sales Increased by 2.0% in August
2016-10-19 Virtual Reality is going to be heavily marketed to book publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair
2016-10-19 Irish Publisher Charging Authors €100 per manuscript
2016-10-18 Google Adds Fact Check Tag to Articles in Google News
2016-10-18 Apple TV, Google Chromecast Users Can Stream Facebook Videos to Their TVs
2016-10-18 'The Atlantic' Adds Pay Wall For Ad-Block Users
2016-10-17 Americans Still Prefer Email to Social Media
2016-10-17 Trends, Genres and the Paths to Innovation in Book Publishing
2016-10-17 Google bought a company that helps brands get product placements in YouTube videos
2016-10-17 Has social media killed print? Not with millennials in the mix.
2016-10-14 Reedsy Learning is a series of online courses for indie authors
2016-10-14 Riffle has Launched a Free Book Recommendation Service
2016-10-14 Google To Regain MRC Accreditation For DoubleClick For Publishers Mobile Impressions
2016-10-13 Pinterest Reaches 150 Million Monthly Users, Boosts Engagement Among Men
2016-10-13 Google To Regain MRC Accreditation For DoubleClick For Publishers' Mobile Impressions
2016-10-13 Magna Upgrades U.S. Ad Revenue Forecast
2016-10-12 Time Inc.’s Essence launches redesigned website
2016-10-12 Liftoff: Female App Users 34% More Likely to Purchase Than Males
2016-10-12 Big Data Is Coming to the Publishing Industry
2016-10-11 Not Just Facebook: Advertisers Have Measurement Gripes With All Platforms
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