Knowledge, Vision, Responsibility | Generate the collective prosperity for magazine industry

Established on 18, December 1996, Magazine Business Association of Taipei (MBAT) is the only association in the magazine industry in Taiwan. The objectives of the MBAT are to: promote the development of magazine industry, coordinate inter-relationship of its members, improve operational business environment, and enhance common benefits of its members. In addition, knowledge, vision, and responsibility are the three essential elements of MBAT in achieving its goals.

Ever since it’s founding, MBAT has been constantly devoted to promoting the operation of the magazine industry with the aim to enhance cooperation of generalized content industry and establish the contemporary cultural tendency, in order to actively support the innovation of operation environment in magazine industry.

"General member" and "sponsor member" are two kinds of members of MBAT. Any public or private organization who operates business relation to magazine publishing, including content editing, advertisement & marketing, marketing channels, etc., either in paper or in digital format, as long as Taipei area is a part of its sale territory, is supposed to register as "general member"; any peripheral enterprise as well as any individual or cooperation who identifies the aims and objectives of the MBAT would be allowed to register as "sponsor member".

There are more than 200 members who are currently enrolled, and issue more than 500 types of magazines. The total number of domestic published magazines is up to 8,675 by the end of 2012; and around 600 of those whose sell magazines are found in bookstores or other public locations where readers could purchase or subscribe freely; about 80 percent of the elite magazines in Taiwan are members of MBAT, which proves a dominating role played by MBAT as well as its established industrial energy.

Ms. Wenny Wang is the Chairwoman of MBAT. The Board of Directors consists of 15 directors, who are in charge of policy making. The Board of Supervisors includes 5 supervisors who are responsible for supervising the Board of Directors and financial auditing.

An Executive Secretariat under the Board of Directors is in charge of performing general affairs; the ten special committees: "industrial development", "Cross-Strait exchange", "international affairs", "professional expertise", "digital contents", and "Industrial Laws ", "Reading Public Welfare", "Member Services" , “Industry-academic Cooperation “and “Media Promotion “are set up for putting into operation various purposes; each convener is selected from the committee members to carry out tasks and projects of each committee with coordination and assistance provided by all members.

As the only magazine business association in Taiwan, MBAT acts as an important window to assisting policy making and interrogation, as well as a main guard to maintain the order of industries. MBAT is positive to communicate with government departments periodically and to strive for a vantage point in the government Organizational Structure for the magazine industry. Every year, MBAT makes efforts to increase the budget from government for industry, assists the industry to develop successful ventures and focus on the issue of business operation and legal issues for the related industry chain; MBAT coordinates work in accordance with parties involved and acts as an industry leader.

In order to respond to the changing tendency of magazine industry, MBAT made some surveys and researches. MBAT regularly publishes the latest marketing data and analyses, which is provided by FIPP, ACNielsen, Carat, OMD-Taiwan, and Media Drive. At the same time MBAT shares the most up-to-date information to all the readers which includes the list of best sellers from and Kingstone Culture Square.

Apart from the aforesaid services, MBAT holds various activities such as lectures, discussions, and seminars, as well as designs training courses of editing, publishing, issuing, digital and marketing, for enhancing professional ability and improving qualified techniques and knowledge of the staff, so as to broaden the operation limits of magazine industry. Since 2003, more than 3000 people have attended the courses.

"MBAT E-NEWS", a digital newspaper of Magazine Business Association of Taipei, is issued every Tuesday and Thursday, classified by various categories and presenting abundant news and activity information, such as: "EMAT Broadcast Station", "Big Pro Ear", "Cross-Strait Scope", "Big Different World", "Great Digital Trend", "Hint for Publish", "Sales Blossom Garden", "Elite Intelligence", and "Activity Bulletin" etc. It not only plays an important role of communication media between MBAT, different industries, government authority, educational institutions, and readers, but also serves valuable and free resources for members to announce news of public relation as well as a search instrument for activities information. MBAT E- NEWS has already gained the recognition of fifty thousand members' and the open rate is up to 10-13 percent. In 2010, MBAT was awarded the best quality charity website, and third place for living information category from the encouraging and rewarding program of supporting quality nongovernmental website, 2010, which is held by Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan.

For this reason, by integrating the entire resources and means of magazine industry, the Magazine Business Association of Taipei is successful; with collective participation and persistent devotion of all its members, could the Magazine Business Association of Taipei be more effective in improving the operation environment and development of magazine industry.