World Telescope
2017-06-21 New Opportunities in International Indie Book Space
2017-06-21 E-Book Sales Decline 2% in Canada in 2016
2017-06-20 FIPP exclusive: free eMarketer report on video trends to 2020
2017-06-20 Apptitude Media, publisher of British Journal of Photography, rebranded as 1854 Media
2017-06-20 How Twitter Is Taking On Manipulative Bots to Fight the Spread of Fake News
2017-06-19 Southeast newspaper has a new owner
2017-06-19 Business of News: Rooted in Their Communities, Local Newspapers are Still Optimistic
2017-06-19 Facebook and Twitter being used to manipulate public opinion – report
2017-06-16 The animated cover is alive and well at TIME magazine
2017-06-16 Publishers should seize the opportunity that exists outside of ad blocking
2017-06-15 Time Inc. launches The Pretty, a stand-alone social video brand all about beauty
2017-06-15 The Facebook Journalism Project Is About to Get to Work in the Asia-Pacific Region
2017-06-15 Digital Advertising Has a Rich Frontier: ‘The Rest of the Internet’
2017-06-14 Hoopla Continues to be Bullish on Audiobooks
2017-06-14 Condé Nast puts failing e-commerce site up for sale
2017-06-13 eMarketer publishes forecasts on time spent with media in Germany
2017-06-12 The Best Android E-Reader Apps Of 2017
2017-06-12 Adobe Scan is the PDF App You Need
2017-06-12 Chart of the week: The biggest advertising markets worldwide
2017-06-07 Amazon Unveils New Kindle Highlight And Note System
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