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2019-02-11 Taking on Digital Ad Fraud is More than Dealing with Technical Problems; It’s About Truth and Transparency
2019-02-11 Making change in the Canadian magazine industry
2019-02-05 Chart of the week: Where media could benefit from AI
2019-02-04 How collaboration across departments and companies benefits magazine media
2019-02-04 Bloomberg CEO sets sights on double digit growth in 2019
2019-01-30 Business of News: Seven Resolutions for Newspapers in 2019
2019-01-30 Chart of the week: Where media could benefit from AI
2019-01-28 Google Tests Dynamic Email In Android App: Report
2019-01-28 Berlin-based publication by refugees, for refugees
2019-01-23 Digital Publishing: What Newspapers Can Learn From ‘Slow News’ Start-Ups
2019-01-23 Chart of the week: News industry pivots to subscriptions for 2019
2019-01-21 Top UK Publishers Say They’ll Move to Reduce Ads Bought Through Open Ad Exchanges
2019-01-16 How Italy’s most successful cooking website went multi-platform - all the way to print
2019-01-16 Business of News: How Newspapers Can Start Important Conversations with Readers
2019-01-16 Behind Time magazine covers: a Q&A with DW Pine
2019-01-14 Georgia’s earliest newspapers are now online and searchable
2019-01-14 Get your copy of Native Advertising Trends 2018 - the Magazine Industry
2019-01-09 Verizon Media Extends Native Ads Deal On Microsoft Properties
2019-01-07 Digital Publishing: What Happened When One Editor Changed His Media Diet
2019-01-07 Local Media Association and Local Media Consortium Announce Partnership
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