World Telescope
2017-10-07 Many Newsrooms Around the World Are Lagging When it Comes to New Tech and a Digital-First Mindset
2017-10-07 Digital Publishing: Digital Tools Available Now to Add Power and Simplify Every Journalist’s Job
2017-10-03 eOneBook is a dual screen digital manga reader
2017-10-03 Google Now Includes Overdrive Library eBooks in Search Results
2017-10-02 E-Book Revenue Increased for the First Time in Two Years
2017-10-02 Amazon is celebrating indie authors this October
2017-09-27 Apple Updates iBooks Author for the First Time this Year
2017-09-27 Why Do Girls Have Breasts And Other Questions This Children’s Publisher Can’t Answer
2017-09-25 Nielsen Sues comScore Over PPM Deal For New TV Service
2017-09-25 Facebook To Reveal Funding Behind Political Ads
2017-09-22 How Amazon is Becoming the Third Force in Advertising, Making the Duopoly an Oligopoly
2017-09-21 Apple blocking ads that follow users around web is 'sabotage', says industry
2017-09-21 Tom Watson urges newspapers to boost number of female political journalists
2017-09-20 University of Louisville Pulls Funding From Student Newspaper
2017-09-20 BuzzFeed News Embraces Video, Skips the ‘Pivot’
2017-09-19 People who Pirate eBooks Do Not Buy Them
2017-09-19 Chart of the week: Steady increase in digital ad spend targeting kids
2017-09-18 Amazon Removes One Star Reviews of Clinton Election Memoir
2017-09-18 At the new Gruner + Jahr the only constant is ongoing renewal
2017-09-15 Facebook Users Can Now Examine Their Recent Ad Activity
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