World Telescope
2018-08-19 Grow media company revenue with data, AI
2018-08-16 As we begin building towards DIS2019, read the DIS2018 special report
2018-08-16 Condé Nast to merge US and UK editions of Condé Nast Traveller
2018-08-15 How publishers are using Instagram’s IGTV
2018-08-15 Digital Publishing: Fight Fake News on Social Media with These Simple, but Effective Suggestions
2018-08-14 Chart of the week: YouTube is US teen's number one online platform
2018-08-14 To Reach Profitability, Conde Nast Will Reduce Ad Revenue To 50%, Focus On Video
2018-08-14 Trump Attacks Google News Results, Search Experts Debunk Bias Claim
2018-08-13 Audiobook and ebook sales account for 19% of HarperCollins revenue
2018-08-13 Platforms Are Not Publishers
2018-08-10 'The Boston Globe' Leads Call To Protect A Free Press
2018-08-10 Clarification: 'NYT' Q2 Revenues Beat Expectation
2018-08-09 Is AI just a fad? Cutting through the hype to really understand what AI can do for publishers
2018-08-09 New York Times Co. Reports Digital Subscription Revenues Up 20%, Ad Revenues Fal
2018-08-08 How brand magazines are becoming more sophisticated - and successful
2018-08-08 A German Publisher Is Winning the Internet
2018-08-06 Texas Monthly is Running a Test to Stop Readers Who Use Ad-Blockers
2018-08-06 Chart of the week: The UK's top websites
2018-08-01 Apple nears a $1 trillion market cap as it clears another quarter ahead of expectations
2018-08-01 Facebook Bans Multiple Pages To Combat Fake News, Russian Interference Suspected
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