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2017-05-01 Twitter still thinks it’s a TV platform — and here are its dozen new shows
2017-05-01 NewFronts publishers see an opening with recent YouTube, Facebook ad crises
2017-04-28 Time Inc. decides not to sell itself
2017-04-28 UK Readers Abandon eBooks at an alarming rate
2017-04-28 Are reading eBooks on e-Readers environmentally friendly?
2017-04-27 How Jeff Bezos’ insistence on experimentation became part of The Washington Post's regeneration
2017-04-27 Mobile is the status quo; voice will be the point of interaction
2017-04-27 Newspaper Reporter Is Worst Job, 3 Years Running
2017-04-26 Facebook Received 64,279 Government Requests for Account Data in the Second Half of 2016
2017-04-26 25% of Youth Lie about Reading Lord of the Rings
2017-04-26 The Good E-Reader 6.8 Is Now Available On Kickstarter
2017-04-25 Major apps abandoning Apple Watch, including Google Maps, Amazon & eBay
2017-04-24 The Guardian is no longer including articles on Apple News or Facebook
2017-04-24 Penguin’s Read A Book, Give A Book Opportunity
2017-04-24 Danger ahead for European press
2017-04-21 Would you believe it? Print remains a favourite with readers
2017-04-21 How a SF startup helped a Japanese publisher overcome its ‘text dilemma’
2017-04-21 How First Draft and news organisations collaborate to battle fake news
2017-04-20 eMarketer: Time spent on mobile internet continues to grow in China
2017-04-20 'NYT' Makes 'Truth' Easier To Find, New Spots Break On TV, Online
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