World Telescope
2017-02-03 How The New Yorker brought the soul of the magazine to the web
2017-02-02 Sony says it won’t sell struggling movie, TV businesses
2017-02-02 White House freezes out CNN
2017-02-02 Lack of trust in media: 'magazine media could offer a blue print out'
2017-02-01 American Media Inc. emerges as likely buyer of Us Weekly
2017-01-31 BuzzFeed’s secrets for creating engaging native ad content
2017-01-24 Amazon Launches Kindle Storyteller Award in the UK
2017-01-24 Canada Passes New Law to Lower eBook Prices
2017-01-18 Pronoun Announces Changes to their Royalty Rates and New Author Pages
2017-01-18 Older versions of Adobe Digital Editions are no longer compatible with Overdrive
2017-01-17 2017 could be the year of resurgence for magazines
2017-01-17 NYT report show newspaper remaining confident in digital subscription strategy, even as financial results go wanting
2017-01-16 Does Publishing Have a Future without Amazon?
2017-01-16 An Authoritative Look at Book Publishing Startups in the United States
2017-01-12 Library borrowing of digital books and audiobooks continues to grow, up 21% in 2016
2017-01-12 David Carey’s New Year’s Letter claims Hearst Magazine earnings grew for third year in a row
2017-01-12 BBC sets up team to debunk fake news
2017-01-11 Newfoundland Is Now Charging 15% Sales Tax On Books
2017-01-11 Print Sales Increase By 3.3% In 2016
2017-01-11 American Media Inc. considers buying Time Inc.
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