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2020-07-06 [Webinar video] How The Big Issue pivoted quickly from street vendor to multi-channel during lockdown
2020-07-01 Condé Nast Britain releases insight report on changing consumer behaviour in response to Covid-19
2020-07-01 FIPP and UPM Communication Papers announce the launch of the Rising Stars in Media Awards 2020
2020-06-30 [FIPP Insight Report] Subscription boxes: How to make ecommerce a steady revenue stream
2020-06-10 What we learned from two months of hosting webinars
2020-06-10 Meredith, HBR, Mondadori and more on how post-pandemic magazine offices will change
2020-06-01 [FIPP Webinar video] Tipser on how European publishers turned to e-commerce in tough times
2020-05-20 [FIPP Webinar video] Data-driven pricing strategies that grow subscription revenue
2020-05-20 The search for revenues: e-commerce as a premium opportunity
2020-05-11 [FIPP Webinar video] Tom Triumph on how we can impact the five pillars of every organisation
2020-05-04 [FIPP Webinar video] PressReader on content consumption in a Covid-19 world
2020-05-01 Download new Global Digital Subscription Snapshot 2020 Q2
2020-04-29 [Webinar video] How to communicate correctly during the coronavirus pandemic
2020-04-29 FIPP insider Webinar: Content consumption and distribution in a Covid 19 and post-Covid 19 world
2020-04-28 Download new Global Digital Subscription Snapshot 2020 Q2
2020-04-23 Coronavirus and the media - challenges and opportunities
2020-04-20 Bloomberg Media offers college students worldwide free digital subscriptions for three months
2020-04-20 [Webinar video] John Wilpers reveals key insights from the new Innovation in Media World Report
2020-04-08 Chartbeat webinar recording: What coronavirus has done to news
2020-04-06 Hearst UK launches a pop-up Creator Network
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