World Telescope
2017-09-13 The music business is growing again — really growing — and it’s because of streaming
2017-09-13 Millennial publisher says comScore data showing a shrinking audience is wrong — and it exposes a critical disagreement in digital media
2017-09-11 The AI and media reality: it’s crunch time if you want to stay in the game
2017-09-08 Time Inc. launches new video series for Facebook's Watch platform
2017-09-06 NY's Hometown Paper Once Again Owned By Chicago Publisher
2017-09-06 Kobo Customer Support is Still Abysmal
2017-09-04 Kobo is doing a better job than Amazon
2017-09-04 E-Book Readers Are Showing Their Love for Overdrive
2017-08-30 Instagram Posts With Multiple Photos, Videos Can Now Be Portrait or Landscape
2017-08-30 BuzzFeed Will Run Banner Ads
2017-08-30 Sarah Palin’s Defamation Suit Against New York Times is Dismissed
2017-08-30 Publishers Are Making More Video—Whether You Want It or Not
2017-08-29 How The Economist turned circulation into its most profitable revenue line
2017-08-29 How Bloomberg leverages content and technology to serve a global audience
2017-08-28_ HarperCollins Christian Publishing Launches New Self-Publishing Business
2017-08-28 WattPad Raccoon is a New Digital Storytelling App
2017-08-25 Condé Nast Independent Magazines makes its way to Magzter
2017-08-25 What's the top reason people pay for news worldwide? And other stories
2017-08-24 Barnes and Noble Nook Press is Purging Erotica Titles
2017-08-24 How to install Overdrive Libby on the Amazon Fire
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