World Telescope
2017-06-01 YouTube Kids Launches #ReadAlong Campaign to Encourage Kids to Read
2017-05-31 The Handmaid’s Tale: Book to Movie and Back to Book?
2017-05-31 Legendary Sportswriter and Novelist Frank Deford Dies, Age 78
2017-05-30 YouTube Won’t Allow Creators of Objectionable Videos to Earn Ad Dollars
2017-05-30 China Publishes More Books Per Year Than the United States
2017-05-29 NBC News is testing out new verticals and expanding its global reach.
2017-05-29 Is There Life After Print?
2017-05-26 CNN Launches a Tech-Focused Site
2017-05-26 ‘Focused on profitability’: Why The Atlantic is shifting its focus to YouTube
2017-05-25 Google, Facebook and the topic of your content
2017-05-25 eMarketer: Instagram audience in France still growing
2017-05-24 Scribd Offers Digital Newspaper Articles for Subscribers
2017-05-24 Charity Bookstore Says “No More Copies of the Da Vinci Code”
2017-05-23 8 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Experienced Advertisers Must Avoid
2017-05-23 Who’s really driving traffic to articles? Depends on the subject: Facebook (lifestyle, entertainment) or Google (tech, business, sports)
2017-05-22 Audm is a new company that narrates popular news articles
2017-05-22 Draft2Digital and Streetlib are now distributing e-books to Kobo Plus
2017-05-18 GroupM report highlights factors impacting the publishing industry
2017-05-18 Bloomberg's Josh Rucci: ‘We should talk about mobile battery life’
2017-05-17 McDonald’s Canada is giving away free Books with Happy Meals
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