World Telescope
2020-01-20 Dow Jones’ Managing Director on the media industry’s changing fortunes
2020-01-14 Meredith Corp unveils first issue of Reveal magazine in partnership with Drew and Jonathan Scott
2020-01-14 Lessons learnt from chasing innovation
2020-01-13 Hearst's Zuri Rice on video content strategy, focusing on YouTube, and growing longform video
2020-01-13 The Amazon Kindle Year in Review
2020-01-06 Internet media employment has tripled over the past decade
2020-01-06 Google News is killing off digital magazines, refunds all active subscriptions
2019-12-31 Vox Media Has a New Pitch for Advertisers After Buying New York Magazine and Affiliated Sites
2019-12-25 What will the next decade look like for journalism?
2019-12-25 TikTok Searches for Global Headquarters Outside of China
2019-12-23 Bertelsmann Takes Full Ownership of Penguin Random House
2019-12-23 Vogue's Instagram Hits 25 Million Followers, Focuses On Topical Moments
2019-12-18 BBC Shared Data Unit inspires data journalism teams across the UK to collaborate on public interest stories
2019-12-18 German Public Broadcaster’s TikTok Debut Sparks Backlash
2019-12-16 What skills will journalists need in 2020?
2019-12-16 What’s next for the Kindle e-Reader?
2019-12-16 What’s next for the Kindle e-Reader?
2019-12-11 Condé Nast Launches Vogue Business in China
2019-12-11 MPA releases five-year study showcasing magazine brand vitality across formats and platforms
2019-12-09 How magazine publishers view data and privacy: three things to bolster privacy practices
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