World Telescope
2018-07-02 David Carey stepping down as president of Hearst Magazines
2018-07-02 Automattic purchases digital publishing company Atavist
2018-06-27 NOOK turned its first ever full-year profit
2018-06-27 How Bauer plans to own an end-to-end journey for Australian home owners
2018-06-25 Google Reopens their Play Books Publisher Program
2018-06-25 Chart of the week: How public and journalists' views on the media's duties diverge
2018-06-20 Facebook’s first print magazine - will it ‘Grow’ (or go up in smoke?)
2018-06-20 A Picture Worth A Million A Day: Facebook's TV Ad Spending
2018-06-15 News Publishers See Acceptance In Pay Models, Mainly From The Left
2018-06-15 The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Jo Packham, a self-proclaimed woman of ideas
2018-06-13 Digital subscription revenue displacing digital advertising as a core revenue stream
2018-06-13 Is there a future in ebook chatbots from publishers?
2018-06-11 Love Dominates 'New York Times Magazine' New York Issue
2018-06-11 Media Voices podcast: Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee on representation in magazines
2018-06-06 Research Shows What Books Do to Kids’ Brains
2018-06-06 Why this publisher stepped away from print to focus on digital only
2018-06-04 Amazon Prime Book Box is now in BETA
2018-06-04 Time magazine releases special report The Drone Age
2018-06-01 Global Smartphone Marketplace Flattens, And With It, Internet Penetration Stalls At 50%
2018-06-01 AMC Networks Launches Mobile Ad Platform
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