World Telescope
2017-05-12 With almost 1 billion WeChat users, Tencent’s Q1 revenue beats estimates
2017-05-10 KFC Dishes Up an eBook and Romance Fans Are Not Amused
2017-05-10 Amazon is going to open a bookstore in Washington DC
2017-05-10 Publishers ‘need to balance journalism, business and user experience"
2017-05-08 E-Book Retailers Need to Partner with Carriers and Smartphone Companies
2017-05-08 Amazon Abandons MFNs in eBook Contracts
2017-05-08 Chart of the week: Facebook and Tencent are top of the social media league
2017-05-05 Time Inc. to launch The Pretty, a new standalone social video brand all about beauty
2017-05-05 Why magazines still have a place in the fashion industry
2017-05-03 Kobo H2O Edition 2 Review – 2017
2017-05-03 Will You Buy A Waterproof Kindle?
2017-05-02 China is recruiting 20,000 people to write its own Wikipedia
2017-05-02 700 Million Monthly Active Users and Counting for Instagram
2017-05-01 Twitter partners with Bloomberg for 24-hour news service
2017-05-01 Twitter still thinks it’s a TV platform — and here are its dozen new shows
2017-05-01 NewFronts publishers see an opening with recent YouTube, Facebook ad crises
2017-04-28 Time Inc. decides not to sell itself
2017-04-28 UK Readers Abandon eBooks at an alarming rate
2017-04-28 Are reading eBooks on e-Readers environmentally friendly?
2017-04-27 How Jeff Bezos’ insistence on experimentation became part of The Washington Post's regeneration
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